Garden Decking Ideas For Beginners

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What Is Garden Decking?

The first time you step into your backyard and don’t really like what you see, you should consider adding some garden decking. Having a nice wooden patio area is pretty much a no-brainer. It gives your backyard a place to hang out with family friends and it shows that same company that you have an eye for beauty and nice architecture. Adding decking to any outside area can do wonders if you do it the right way.

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Why Use Garden Decking?

A better question would be “Why not use garden decking?”. If you have a garden to begin with, it’s obvious that you have an idea of what you wanted your garden to be and I’m sure that was to be as beautiful as it was practical. Having the right decking area to go along with that is just the natural next step in your dream. Simply put, if you don’t have some sort of decking for your garden or poolside area, you’re leaving a lot of visual appeal on the table. Choosing the right design can give you…

  • Easier access to your garden or particular area
  • A more visually appealing backyard
  • The perfect spot for summer cook-outs or spring relaxation periods

Those three points can get anyone’s inspirational juices flowing when it comes to deciding whether they think having a deck will give them value.

Popular Garden Decking Designs

Now it comes down to the most important decision you’ll make after deciding that you want a garden deck. And that’s the type of deck you want. There are 4 different types of decks that I like to go with so I’ll name them and give you a brief description of each one here.

  1. Wraparound Deck – Being from the south, Texas to be exact, this is one of our most popular decks. The wraparound deck is just what its name suggests. It normally wraps around 2 or more walls on your home but you can also apply this to your garden. If its big enough, you can have a deck wrap right around it and be able to enjoy the view.
  2. Platform Deck – This is one of the most popular decks because of its simple beauty and its ease of construction. Built low to the ground, these decks have a high safety rating but you must be sure to have the structure water proofed as to not compromise the undersides of the materials.
  3. Raised Deck – These decks are normally overlooking a steep hillside of some sort. Hence the name, raised decks. They are normally several feet above ground and add an interesting allure to any home
  4. Floating Deck – This deck is one of my favorite. The fact that it isn’t attached to your house makes it one of the easiest decks to build. You don’t have to remove any parts of your own home to attach it so that’s a big bonus right there. The second thing I like is the ability to move it anywhere in your yard at will.

Types Of Garden Decking

Once you choose the type of deck design you want you’ll have to decide on the particular decking you want to use. There are different types of decking material like, wood, composite or vinyl. They each have advantages and disadvantages so your choice here will be solely based on personal preference.

My personal preference is Southern Yellow Pine for obvious reasons. 🙂
Being a Texas boy, it would make sense that I’d go with the southern style decking. Besides the amazing look of real wood, it’s relatively inexpensive and the only issue is the required maintenance. But if you commit to such an exquisite type of decking it would make sense that you’ll commit to its upkeep as well.