Teach Yourself To Paint Your House

One of the most important things to consider when doing any repairs or renovations on the home is to do them right. Finding the right techniques, learning the right skills and using the proper tools is going to ensure that you are painting the house correctly, and not going to have to redo it in the near future. Not everyone has these skills to successful complete an exterior painting job on the house, so where can you learn the techniques that are required?

exterior painting
exterior painting by the professional worker

Here are some of the places to learn house painting skills:

Local Seminars at the Hardware Store Most of the big box hardware stores have seminars and sessions every weekend. These sessions can range from learning to install a toilet to learning to paint the exterior of the house. Attend one of these sessions about painting to learn the right type of paint to use, the tools you are going to need to paint the house and the techniques that are used to apply the paint. Following these tips, from experts at the seminar, is going to give you better results when finishing the house. The other upside to attending these is they are usually free. Of course, the store wants you to buy their brand of paint though.

Online Videos Just as there are seminars in-store; you can also find seminars online. These quick videos can give you a general overview of how to paint the outside of the house or the techniques that are used to deal with trouble areas — and can allow you to learn the information from home, in a few minutes or less. The videos are free, and can be a great way to gain the skills needed to save money and paint the outside of the house yourself, rather than hiring an expensive exterior painting company.

Ask a Friend If you aren’t sure about how to paint the exterior of the home, you can always ask a friend. Asking a friend, that is familiar with exterior painting, to show you the ropes and painting techniques or to show you how to troubleshoot certain problems, like parts of the wood or siding that need to be replaced, can help you to learn the techniques in one afternoon.

When all else fails If none of the above options sound good to you then here is some advice. Get ready, cause this is a long process.

1. Inspect the home for any damaged or rotten siding or facia boards that need to be replaced. Get them replaced and figure out why they rotted in the first place so it doesn’t happen again.
2. Get out the scraper and start scraping the house down. Get all the loose paint off the siding Continue reading “Teach Yourself To Paint Your House”